Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mother-to-Be Must Reads

I have come to realize that at times being an expecting mother can be quite overwhelming. There is SO much information out there that often times it is difficult to sift through it all. However, I am absolutely delighted that within the last year two of the most incredible online resources have launched for stylish and savvy moms.... Cricket's Circle and Mother Mag. Both sites have become my absolute go-to's particularly when questioning what to buy. Who knew determining which stroller to buy could take up an entire three hour dinner conversation? 

Both teaming with tips and tricks from undeniably inspiring and chic moms, like Vogue Editor, Lawren Howell shown above, I would recommend these websites to any first time moms. Happy Reading! 


{images: Mother Mag

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  1. Thanks for the tip I will definitely check those sites out! I agree the information is overwhelming. I am also due in mid August. Good luck in your final trimester!


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