Tuesday, May 22, 2012

dCc Outfit to Interior: Glam

 Today for my outfit to interior series I was inspired by the stunning photo of the woman in her blush colored feathered dress. It automatically reminded me of a lovely living room that was featured in Southern Accents years ago with glamorous accents such as that beautiful chandelier. 


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{images compliments of: This is Glamorous & Southern Accents}


  1. One word- WOW. This is completely my style- delicate, feminine, and romantic, with extra glam added in. Fabulous!

  2. This is just so elegant! That room is so me...
    Beautiful post!

  3. Breathtaking! I love when a still inspires me in other parts of my life.

    Thank you for sharing :)

  4. We love your glamorous post!!! It contains the 3 three things we love best: fashion, interior design, and GLAMOUR. I especially love that chandelier. Although I don't think the couch could survive my 2 little boys ;-) We love love love your blog!

  5. stunningly beautiful, per usual, sweet friend. love this. xo.


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