Monday, July 31, 2017

A New Cuyana Classic

I am seriously smitten with the structured shape of Cuyana's newest bag. The Classic Structured Leather Tote is a testament to timeless design and works everywhere from a business meeting to a preschool playdate (and everywhere else in between!). The new bag has a more architectural aesthetic than Cuyana's previous totes, making it even more chic and sleek. One of my other favorite things about Cuyana's beautiful pieces is your ability to personalize them (I always choose a monogram), but now they offer even more options!


  1. To be really honest, I was more looking at kiddo in the picture than bag. Anyways Bag looks too big to contain, isn't it?

  2. Does "structured" mean a stiffer leather that it holds its shape better when you stand it up? I am looking for a similar one to the Gigi Tory tote and don't want it to be too floppy. Thanks!


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