Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dylan Lauren's Divine Dress

Well darlings, I am so sorry that I offically missed Wedding Wednesday yesterday, but I thought I would make up for it by featuring Dylan Lauren's stunning wedding dress. What makes it even more special was that it was designed by her father ... Mr. Ralph Lauren. I know that my wedding day has passed, but I am still waiting for Ralph Lauren to develop a full bridal line!


{image compliments of: Pintrest}


  1. Wow, that is divine. I love the drape off her shoulders. She must have an amazing closet full of stunning pieces!!

  2. What a beautiful train! Love this dress. I am currently in the market to find mine! :)

  3. so unbelievably gorgeous! he definitely should create a bridal line!

  4. i was literally speechless the first time i saw this gown. it is perfection!


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