Friday, April 22, 2011

A Weekend to Celebrate ...

Well darlings, I feel as if lately I have been blogging about celebration after celebration, but this weekend there is something else to celebrate ... my 25th birthday! I am beyond excited for a relaxing weekend to enjoy my birthday and Easter with family, friends, and my amazing fiance! Hope your weekend is truly fabulous!


{images compliments of: This is Glamorous}


  1. Oh my, that has got to be one of the most tempting (and feminine) cakes I have ever seen.
    I hope your birthday cake resembles it. Happy birthday, and have a lovely year!

  2. Happy Birthday, sweetie! And have a wonderful Easter too! Lots to celebrate :) xoxo

  3. i just got back from Paris, and your pictures make me want to turn right back around to get more macaroons!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was fabulous :)

    These pictures are amazing and have me craving champagne, macarons and couture!

  5. Happy happy birthday! I hope you really had a cake with macarons on top of it! :)


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