Monday, June 26, 2017

Secrets to Getting by Without a Diaper Bag

Just like driving a mini-van, one thing I told myself I would never do as a mom is carry an actual diaper bag (though, I am not against anyone who does!). I have come up with two necessities that easily allow me keep everything organized and to transfer all my "stuff" (even with two kids) from bag to bag whether it's a Goyard, L.L. Bean Boat n' Tote or something in between. I have made it by thus far without EVER carrying a true diaper bag. 

The first necessity is a pouch or clutch for YOUR stuff. Yes, we are always worrying about THEIR stuff. But, I have found that putting my wallet, keys, sunglasses, lipgloss .. etc into a zip pouch is lifesaving. You will never be stuck frantically digging through the bag for your keys while you have a screaming little one. I personally love the idea of a pouch like this or this that can double as a clutch when you need one. 

The second necessity, is a zip pouch for a few diapers, wipes, sunscreen, snacks etc. I adore this one from Pottery Barn as it can be monogrammed and is plastic lined for any spills (which we know happen!) If you have more than one kid I recommend getting one for each (thank you, monogram) with their individual supplies.

You will never have to carry an actual diaper bag again. You're welcome, darlings. 

{image: Pinterest}

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  1. We're going to try this and see if we can manage! A pouch for OUR things is a forgotten gem. And I love the idea of a special smaller bag for the essentials for the babe. You're the chicest mama around xo


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