Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mini Cashmere Collection

I am well aware that there a quite a few people out there, who think I am crazy for putting my children in cashmere as often as I do. However, living in San Francisco is actually make sense with our weather year round. And who doesn't want their littles in something so soft and luxurious? 

But, this week I made the most delightful discovery ... cashmere for your minis that is beautiful but will not break the bank! Enter the the Zara 'Mini' Cashmere Collection. Zara has curated a lovely selection of cashmere pieces for babies up to 6 months at absolutely unbeatable prices (full sets for under $70! Yes, seriously.) And for those of you with slightly older children they also have these perfect cashmere pull-overs for under $60 (which I have stocked up on for my littles!).  Happy sweater shopping!


{image: Zara}

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