Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Insta{ntly} Obsessed

Well darlings, I am sure you were all sad to hear that the talented (and ever chic) Erika Bearman has officially stepped down as OscarPRGirl. While she will still be consulting for the company, it will not be the same without her there for the day-to-day. She was truly a pioneer in social media for the luxury fashion market. Upon hearing that she will no longer be "OscarPRGirl", I discovered Erika Bearman's personal Instagram (@ErikaBearman) and it's no surprise that I was instantly obsessed. Her impeccable taste and witty sense of humor translates into all aspects of her life and the images are captivating! Especially, now that she is pregnant with a baby girl. Enjoy a look into her glamorous life! 


{images: @ErikaBearman}

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