Tuesday, December 10, 2013

British Classic: The Barbour Beadnell

Well, yet another thing has been added to the top of my Christmas list, the true British classic, Barbour Beadnell jacket. I cannot get enough of the quilted waxed cotton, particularly in black. What a perfect way to stay shielded from the cold and rain. 


{images: J.CREW}


  1. Stunning! Love the beauty of this jacket!



  2. Caitlin this cracks me up because Kennedy has been saving all of her first paychecks to hopefully buy one of these jackets. I, of course, had no idea what she was talking about. Today, as we were strolling around Target she was saying how much she loves fashion and I told her that she should follow your blog...and look what you have on it today. Now I know what she has been obsessing over.


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