Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Jacquetta Wheeler

 I am sure many of you darlings have seen this magnificent wedding in the latest issue of Vogue. But, it was just too exquisite not to share! British beauty, Jacquetta Wheeler's nuptials to banker, James Allsopp, was truly fit for royalty, which is only natural as it took place at her family's home in Kent England, Chilham Castle. The castle, with its rolling lawns and ancient topiaries was the perfect setting for this fabulous fete. The only thing more beautiful was the bride herself, adorned in a custom Alice Temperley gown.

I am always in awe of the weddings featured in Vogue. Thus, I am counting down the days for their highly-anticipated book to hit the stands, Vogue: Weddings, Brides, Dresses, Designers. ... October 30th cannot come soon enough!
{images compliments of: Vogue UK & Vogue.Com}


  1. How gorge was the setting for this wedding?!? And jacquetta's dress is insanely! Xo

  2. Her wedding looks so incredibly beautiful! I saved a few pictures on my Pinterest too, as an inspiration for some upcoming weddings I'll be a part of, and also, of course, for that future occasion! :)

  3. When I saw this wedding I literally gasped! What a gorgeous, gorgeous event.

  4. I missed this one - & yes how gorgeous, but would we expect anything less of Jacqueeta - a lovely blend of modern & traditional.

  5. These photos are so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.


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