Tuesday, May 8, 2012

2012 MET Gala

I am in NYC for work this week, and thus I watched Vogue's live stream of the MET Gala from my hotel room bed! Oh, how I dream of a day when I can attend the event myself! I must say that while all the photos of the stunning gowns on the red carpet were amazing, it was Vogue's photos of the after-party that were truly my favorite of the evening!.



  1. I loved the fashion too!! I can only dream of going one day. :)
    Have a beautiful evening!

  2. Amazing...love to be a fly on the wall.

  3. I, too, watched actually via twitter updates and Huffpoststyle and VogueUK kept me well up to date. It was amazing!!! What I would give to meet Anna Wintour!

  4. Great pics!! DCC please post more frequently on here and twitter! Can't get enough and posts aren't daily or nearly enough! Thanks darling!

  5. That first picture is my favorite. You can really see just how crazy it was. And how scary were the photogs that were just yelling at every star as they walked up the stairs. I would have died! xo Elizabeth


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