Wednesday, August 3, 2011

C Weddings

The latest issue of C Weddings just arrived at my doorstep and I truly cannot get enough! Although my wedding is a mere two weeks away - I still devoured every page! As a monthly reader of C Magazine I was delighted when they decided to publish a weddings issue twice a year. I must say that every article and image is divine - it is right up there with my other two favorite wedding magazines - Town & County Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings. .... dCc LOVES C! 


{images compliments of: C Weddings - scanned by dCc}


  1. Who is the designer of this dress, post Aug. 3rd.

  2. Who is the designer of the first dress posted above?

  3. Do you happen to know who the designer of the second dress is? LOVE it!


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