Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Vogue Wedding Guide

You can only imagine how excited I was to find that two of my favorite things had been combined ... Vogue + Weddings = perfection! Check out the Vogue 2011 Wedding Guide for advice from the utterly stylish on everything from the best wedding planners to the most gorgeous rings. I wish I had this guide earlier on in my wedding planning process - I cannot believe it is only 6 weeks away! Enjoy my brides-to-be!

I will be gone for almost 3 weeks in August for my wedding and honeymoon and would LOVE guest bloggers - if you are interested please contact me. Thanks darlings! 


 {images compliments of: Vogue}


  1. The Present Perfect would be honored to do some guest blogging! Your interview that I featured was a HUGE hit... would love to repay the favor! You can email me at or leave a comment at Good luck with the rest of the wedding preparations!


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